It is hard to put into words the uniqueness of the Platypus Bushcamp. Your Accommodation is a tree house nestled unobtrusively amongst the rainforest palms. They are solid, rustic,timber structures with open air windows, which create the perfect environment for you to truly experience the rainforest atmostphere. Don't worry about any sort of annoying insects because amazingly enough there aren't many. (Mosquito nets are in the huts for those who wish them). The tree houses are expertly built and you will certainly not get wet if it rains.








dsc01832To make it cosy, there are canvas sides you can pull down if you desire. Each hut can accommodate two to three people and they provide spectacular views of the waterways and trees.  You could spot a platypus on an early morning frolic as you laze the hours away in the Honeymoon hut.







Hut guests have access to all facilities including the well-equipped camp kitchen.The huts are without doubt the best way to experience the wonders of the Bushcamp.







 "The honeymoon hut is indeed the best backpacker double in the country"

Julie and Marc Ryan, California


"When the love of power is overrruled by the power of love, then we can all live like this"

Toni Allies, UK